The Thigh Gap Hack by Camille Hugh

TGHbookDescription: THE THIGH GAP HACK: The Shortcut to Slimmer, Feminine Thighs Every Woman Secretly Desires, is the world’s first and only book completely devoted to uncovering every trick there is to battling stubborn lower body fat(hips/thighs/buttocks).

Event is a gap is not your specific goal, any woman wanting to get thinner and small legs/thighs can use the diet, exercise, motivation and outside hacks thoroughly researched and laid out in digestible forms in the book.

Forget old and tired advice that everyone knows! When it comes to stubborn lower body fat, advanced techniques are necessary. From brand new strategies, such as hunger training, to exercise cycling meant to burn as much fat as possible based on when one works out, to forcing the body to burn calories like a furnace through diet and eating patterns, this book has it all!

If you are pear shaped, overweight, have overdeveloped leg muscles and tired of running, spinning, hiiting and every doing everything else under the sun that seems to only lead to bigger and bulkier legs, “The Thigh Gap Hack” is for you.


  • The media has tried to put a negative spin and stigma on the thigh gap as of late
  • Has a separate protocol for losing fat and a separate protocol for women who want to lose overdeveloped muscles. Losing bulky muscles does not go over well with more conventional fitness trainers who believe women cannot get bulky in the first place
  • Reveals not only diet and exercise hacks but outside backs (supplements, massage techniques, etc.) that is said to aid in mobilizing fat
  • Some people believe a thigh gap cannot be had by any/everyone and that one must have wide hips to get one. The author believes (from personal experience) that anyone can get a thigh gap through losing enough fat or muscles in the legs.
  • The book  has been widely shared on thinspiration websites between women and girls who may have tried unhealthy tactics in the past for weight loss.

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